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group of researchers in gray t-shirts standing outside a modern building
Photo Credit
Matt Perko
From l to r: Ambuj Singh, Christopher Kruegel, João Hespanha, Giovanni Vigna

Holly Moeller checks on flasks of mixotrophic algae.
Photo Credit
Holly Moeller
Holly Moeller hopes these nondescript algae will help her uncover the intriguing lifestyle of mixotrophs and understand how environmental conditions influence their growth.

Side-by-side headshots of Tanya Atwater, Leda Cosmides and Nelson Lichtenstein
Photo Credit
Courtesy photo
Left to right: Tanya Atwater, Leda Cosmides and Nelson Lichtenstein

A mountain made of multicolored pill capsules
Photo Credit
Ryan Allen and Peter Allen, Second Bay Studios
A new antibiotic susceptibility test revealed that existing FDA-approved antibiotics can effectively treat multidrug-resistant infections.

waves crashing at coil oil point

sunset at Carpinteria Salt Marsh

santa cruz island bounty of wildflowers

Observatory at Sedgwick Reserve

rancho marino coast line

Hillside daisy blankets hills in yellow, with splashes of pink, orange and blue.
Photo Credit
Joan Dudney
California’s wildflowers have painted parts of the state in a dazzling array of colors.

landscape across Valentine Eastern Sierra

stars out at night

santa cruz island with researchers on the coastline