About UC Santa Barbara

The University of California, Santa Barbara is a leading research institution that also provides a comprehensive liberal arts learning experience. To learn more about UC Santa Barbara's mission, our most important facts and figures, our history, and much more, visit the 'About' section of our central website. Use the resources below when producing media or stories about UC Santa Barbara.

Primary Wordmark

UC Santa Barbara Wordmark

The UC Santa Barbara wordmark is the primary logo for the university and should be used in place of a logo in all news and communications regarding UC Santa Barbara. Navy is the preferred color for the wordmark and should be used on a white background when possible.

For a full list of guidelines, visit our brand site.

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Key Staff Contacts

Consult our list of staff members when covering a story or event, requesting images or to photograph or film on campus, or for general media inquiries.

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Campus Photography & Video

Students riding bikes and scooters with trees in the background
Photo Credit
Matt Perko
UCSB students ride bikes and scooters between to get across campus.

A selection of campus images and b-roll videos are available to use when referring to UC Santa Barbara. If more specific images are required, reach out to our staff.


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