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dimly lit shark with black background
Photo Credit
Photo by Laura College, Unsplash

Playwright Jacqueline Lawton sits at a desk holding a pen above a red notebook
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Courtesy photo
Playwright Jacqueline Lawton's “Freedom Hill” will be featured in the LAUNCH PAD Amplify Reading Series Festival.

Woman with black hair with red streaks and bangs wearing a red and black dress grinds pigments on stone in front of a red tiled wall
"Sandy Rodriguez: Unfolding Histories" opens at the Art, Design and Architecture Museum this winter.

The Thomas Fire burns the mountains above Ventura and Santa Barbara
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Carsten Schertzer / iSTOCK
The 2017-18 Thomas Fire burned 282,000 acres in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties.

person smelling jasmine

white powder in petri dish against black background

stemcell differentiation concept illustration Nature cover

Photograph of authors Pei-te Lien and Nicole Filler

Toyon berry and Mistletoe
Photo Credit
SBBON26 via iNaturalist, Harrison Tasoff
(Left) A cedar waxwing gobbles up a toyon berry near Lake Los Carneros Park.
(Right) Phoradendron leucarpum, also called American or oak mistletoe, retains its elliptic green leaves even as it’s host tree drops its own leaves in preparation for winter.

close up of photonics chip

Workstation for spatialization app and two portraits of men