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Emily Jacobs seated, looking upward, seated in front of a backdrop of brain imagery
Photo Credit
Matt Perko
Emily Jacobs’ lab primarily examines how hormones affect the brain

The current landscape of women’s health — and how it might be improved

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C'mon, Get Happy
Toyon berry and Mistletoe
Photo Credit
SBBON26 via iNaturalist, Harrison Tasoff
(Left) A cedar waxwing gobbles up a toyon berry near Lake Los Carneros Park.
(Right) Phoradendron leucarpum, also called American or oak mistletoe, retains its elliptic green leaves even as it’s host tree drops its own leaves in preparation for winter.

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UC Santa Barbara banner against blue sky

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Headshot of Daina Ramey Berry

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Dancers posing dramatically in a group on stage

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