Gaucho Pass provides admission to all UC Santa Barbara regular home games for one monthly fee

Soccer, basketball, tennis, water polo, baseball — whatever your sport of choice, season tickets are a great way to be part of NCAA athletics at UC Santa Barbara.

With most teams playing at least a dozen home games, and others more than 30, season tickets for some people are just too big a commitment. And for those inclined toward more than one sport, they can be a bit pricey as well.

Enter Gaucho Pass, a subscription program that allows purchasers to attend as many regular season home games as they want — for any or all sports — for only $30 per month.

“It’s just like your Netflix or gym membership. You’re only committed for the month you’ve paid for, and you can go to as many games you want while you have it,” said Bryan Cornet, assistant athletics director for sales and external relations. “It’s a really great way to take advantage of all our men’s and women’s sports.

All regular season home games for all sports are included in the Gaucho Pass, including regular season tournaments put on by UCSB.

“We are seeing a drastic change in how consumers approach attending events of all kinds, not just sporting events,” said Tom Hastings, deputy athletics director. “We were looking for a creative approach to offer our fans that works with their needs and lifestyles. The Gaucho Pass fits right in.”

On average, UCSB Athletics hosts 15 sporting events each month, as well as a few tournaments. On tap for winter quarter are men’s and women’s basketball and women’s water polo, plus the start of men’s volleyball, which continues into spring along with baseball and softball.

“Since you can go to any game on campus, it’s a great way for us to cross-promote all of our women’s and men’s sports,” said Cornet. “I think fans of the traditionally ‘bigger’ sports like soccer and basketball will start to sample some of our other sports they have been wanting to check out for quite some time. We feel that Gaucho Pass is a great way to really promote those other programs.”

Gaucho Pass is separate from the ongoing and popular Gaucho Kids membership program, which for just $25 annually provides kids 12 and under with general admission to all home games all year long (plus a T-shirt).

“A lot of people have families, and they have extracurricular activities that they’re doing outside of work — whether it’s their own or it’s that their kids are playing sports — so it’s really hard for people to go to every single game,” Cornet said. “The trend these days is subscription packages like Gaucho Pass, where there is no obligation and you can cancel anytime.”

Over the summer months, when there are no games, passes set to auto-renew will be put on hold, and not charged.

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