Cyber Security 2.0

UC rolls out a new version of cyber security awareness training

As part of UC’s efforts to address increasing threats to the security of the University’s information systems and data, UC employees are required to complete an online cyber security refresher course.

All UCSB faculty and staff members must complete the training by Feb. 28, and UC has set a goal of 100 percent compliance across all campuses, medical centers and laboratories. Details about the course, including login information, were sent to employees via campus email earlier this week.

The only employees exempt from the mandatory training are student-employees who don’t have access to a computer during their daily work; work in dining facilities or the recreation department; or are community service officers.

“Our campus experiences multiple cyber security risks per minute from a wide array of sources,” said Sam Horowitz, UCSB’s chief information security officer. “As a top research institution, we owe it to ourselves to safeguard our data and our networks. While this round of training is mandatory for all UC employees, the best reason to take the training is that it helps you become a better citizen on the internet.”

The course, he added, has value beyond the university. “It isn’t just for work; it’s for everything you do with your connected devices.”

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