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a barnacle in a jar
Photo Credit
Sonia Fernandez
Sessile creatures like this barnacle were the key to determining when the oil pipeline was compromised, an event that eventually led to the oil spill

How Marine Science Institute researchers helped solve the 2021 Huntington Beach oil spill

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Irrigation pump

Slurping Up Groundwater
From left, Bob Miller, Julie Black, Bradford Jones and Kyle Emery
Illustration of human body with blue hue in blue circle

With a Probing Eye
Experimental optical setup in physics lab

A Different Kind of Chaos
A mechanical wheel topped with a tarp-like cover tiled in solar panels sits in a green river surrounded by green foliage
Pink cells on a purple background

From Droplet to Discovery
Two silver colored fish swim above a red coral reef in dark blue water

Healing Our Ocean
Humpback whale's tail above water against city skyline

Safe Harbor

Life Imitates Mica
Glowing electric coil which is part of The Magneto-Optic Modulator

The Magneto-Optic Modulator