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White man with beard and glasses smiling
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Matt Perko
“Coming back to school a little bit older and as a veteran has helped me truly appreciate this experience. It turns out I really enjoy this environment and being in academia — it’s been phenomenal,” says Shadoe Neri-Dewitt ’24.

How a transfer student veteran went from Navy to neuroscience

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Professor Elisabeth Ayuk-Etang
Photo Credit
Matt Perko
Professor Elisabeth Ayuk-Etang, December 2022
Woman with black hair with red streaks and bangs wearing a red and black dress grinds pigments on stone in front of a red tiled wall
"Sandy Rodriguez: Unfolding Histories" opens at the Art, Design and Architecture Museum this winter.
still photo from the experimental film
A 35-millimeter landscaped portrait from the "Get Shorty" press kit, as seen in "Still Film"
Photograph of authors Pei-te Lien and Nicole Filler

A Pioneering Collaboration

C'mon, Get Happy
Toyon berry and Mistletoe
Photo Credit
SBBON26 via iNaturalist, Harrison Tasoff
(Left) A cedar waxwing gobbles up a toyon berry near Lake Los Carneros Park.
(Right) Phoradendron leucarpum, also called American or oak mistletoe, retains its elliptic green leaves even as it’s host tree drops its own leaves in preparation for winter.

Yuletide Flora

Speaking of Semiconductors

Insight and Influence
Jill Beale standing in front of garden

What Water Wants

We Are the World