A renovated website presents the new face of IT on campus

IT just got much easier at UC Santa Barbara. Information Technology has consolidated several previously separate websites into a streamlined new portal. The site,, will serve as a landing page for IT issues and services on campus.

“The primary goal of the site is to focus the experience around who you are and what you are trying to accomplish,” said Associate Vice Chancellor Matt Hall, the university’s chief information officer. “So many of our sites present ‘here’s who we are’ information. People don’t need that. Instead, this website focuses on who they are.”

The landing page greets users with a simple question: What’s your affiliation with the university? Answer that and the website will guide you to a list of issues and services you may be seeking. The website also has a full catalogue of IT services available to members of the UC Santa Barbara community.

The whole aim is to simplify interactions between the IT teams and the community. The home page features quick links to popular items including tech help, timecards and email login, as well as a useful search function. Some technology services will maintain their own web presence, including department-specific IT offices. However, the core IT website features links to these sites on its homepage. Other divisions, like IT Security, now reside under tabs on the homepage.

“We’re hoping that it will be the first stop for people seeking IT help and resources,” said Communications Analyst Kaitlin Breitag, who oversaw the website’s development and launch. Breitag invited community members to share any feedback they may have about the new site.

The IT team will now also have a uniform handle across several social media including Facebook and LinkedIn. Follow them to learn about tech developments, ask questions or learn about the campus network.

The website launch represents the first phase of a two-part plan to further simplify IT resources over the coming year.

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