UCSB Amplified III

Ella Kilroy kicks off a new season of music on campus

UCSB Amplified, a performance series featuring UC Santa Barbara students, faculty and staff members, and alumni, opens its winter season today with singer-songwriter Ella Kilroy, a freshman who performs “Underneath It All” on the piano.

Future acts will be accompanied by a fresh-faced costar: the reborn UCSB Library. UCSB Amplified was granted early access to the sleek and spacious library addition, where three of its acts were filmed.

Other performances this season have an international flair, from West African-inspired spoken word, to a Spanish guitarist and singer, to the UCSB Middle East Ensemble featuring Grammy Award-winning soprano Isabel Byrakdarian. Other performers hail from Ghana, Australia and Mexico.

Every week UCSB Amplified will release one or two new videos. Tune in to http://ucsbamplified.tumblr.com and experience what UCSB’s thriving music community has to offer.

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