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a barnacle in a jar
Photo Credit
Sonia Fernandez
Sessile creatures like this barnacle were the key to determining when the oil pipeline was compromised, an event that eventually led to the oil spill

How Marine Science Institute researchers helped solve the 2021 Huntington Beach oil spill

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People sit watching erupting volcano in the distance

The Earth’s Newest Secret
2022 AGU award winners
Power company worker wearing a hardhat is repairing electrical wires from a utility bucket truck.

Denial, Doubt and Delay
Aspens towering into blue sky

From the Soil to the Sky
Brown mountains in Antarctica along icy blue waters

Magma and Ice
woman reading nutrition label on grain package

A Nutrition Label for Earth

A New Kind of Chemo

Inside Stream Ecosystems
Wind farm in Western Cape, South Africa

Energizing Africa