Party To Celebrate Year Of Progress At Mayan Site

Photos of El Pilar and Anabel Ford available on request

UC Santa Barbara archaeologist Anabel Ford will share the latest developments at the El Pilar Maya site with the Santa Barbara community Saturday, Sept. 29 at a potluck dinner presentation in UCSB's Multicultural Center.

The program, called "Celebración El Pilar -- 2001: Road to the Maya Forest and Its People," will include presentations of slides and a video.

Attendees are asked to bring a potluck dish and a $15 donation.

The celebration begins at 5 p.m.

Ford has devoted the past 19 years to understanding the patterns of daily life among the ancient Maya people who once inhabited southern Mexico and Central America. Instead of unearthing ceremonial edifices and commemorative shrines at the El Pilar city site she discovered in 1982 on the border of Belize and Guatemala, Ford has been striving to uncover how

and where food was grown, shelter constructed, and water obtained.

And she has done so by forging unique bonds between herself, the Belizean and Guatemalan inhabitants and their governments.

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