UC Santa Barbara Fact Sheet on Applications for Fall 2001 Admission

Preliminary statistics on the number of applicants for Fall 2001 admission to campuses of the University of California are being released today by the UC Office of the President. A summary statement from that office is attached.

Statistical tables are now posted on the World Wide Web at www.ucop.edu. The tables can also be faxed upon request. Call (805) 893-2191.

This fact sheet highlights some statistics on applications to UC, Santa Barbara.

Applications from prospective freshmen: 33,476, an increase of 2,676 or 8.7 percent over last year.

Applications from transfer students: 6,459, an increase of 570, or 9.7 percent, over the year before.

The combined total of 39,935 applicants was 3,246 higher than last year, an 8.8 percent increase.

The numbers of freshmen applicants were higher than one year ago for all ethnic classifications, including all underrepresented minority groups. The rates of increase for underrepresented minority groups were, for African American applicants, 17.5 percent; for American Indians, 2 per cent; for Chicanos, 21.4 per cent; and for Latinos, 9.5 percent.

The 4,995 applicants to UCSB who reported a California community college as their last school represented a 7.1 percent over last year. There were increases among members of all ethnic groups in this category as well.

Starting in March, UCSB will begin notifying about 15,500 applicants for places in the freshman class and about 4,200 transfer applicants that they have been accepted. They will have until May 1 to decide if they will accept the offer of admission. UCSB officials expect to enroll about 3,500 new freshmen in the fall, and about 1,300 transfer students.

William J. Villa, Special Assistant to the Chancellor on Admissions at UCSB, said more than 8,800 of the applicants for the Fall 2001 freshman class have a high school grade-point-average of 4.0 or better.

He notes that larger numbers of students graduating from California high schools plays a major role in the increase in applications to all UC campuses, and that UCSB's growing popularity also contributes to its larger applicant pool.

Mr. Villa is available to comment on the statistics after 1:30 p.m. today (1/30/2001)

He can be reached at the Office of Admissions, (805) 893-3426.

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