UCSB Archaeologist Honored With Rolex Award

UCSB archaeologist Anabel Ford, whose research at El Pilar in the jungle along the border separating Belize and Guatemala has revealed much about the daily lives of the ancient Maya, will be awarded a Rolex Associate Laureate Award and $25,000 for her work Wednesday, Nov. 8 in an invitation-only

ceremony at UCSB's faculty club.

Presenting the check and a commemorative Rolex watch will be Montres Rolex, S.A. CEO Patrick Heiniger, who also chaired the award search committee. UCSB Chancellor Henry T. Yang will also be present to recognize Ford's achievement.

The award is one of five Rolex Associate Laureate Awards given this year.

The awards are given by the famous watch company to research projects that show promise and are deemed worthy of encouragement.

Ford will speak briefly about the project, which differs from most Maya research efforts in seeking to answer questions about how the Maya lived so successfully for so long -- 4,000 years -- rather than why they suddenly declined.

Ford has also been a pioneer in involving local peoples and governments in her efforts, creating -- against prohibitive odds, many have suggested -- a unique binational park and reserve around the El Pilar ruins.

She also plans to speak about her life and motivations as an archaeologist.

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